Saturday, March 2, 2013

risotto in the crock-pot

I have some cooking away right now.

Did you know it was even possible?  Generally recipes call for constant, continuous, never-ending stirring at the stove-top to make risotto.  But, it can actually be made in the crock-pot.  It takes about 3 hours.

You cook up a few of the things on the stove-top, like onions and garlic, and the rice, and some of the liquid.  Then you put it into the crock-pot with the remainder of the ingredients, usually enough broth for the rice to absorb, and you leave the crock-pot on high for a bit, and ignore it.  When you come back 3 hours later--risotto!

I am a big fan of the crock-pot, for many reasons.  Braising tends to make things delicious (crock-pots essentially braise meat--long, wet cooking time).  And the crock-pot doesn't use as much energy as using the stove.  Plus, you can make a lot, and then save the leftovers--and then you have lunch or dinner the next day!

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