Sunday, September 22, 2013

hiking in the rain

The weather forecast warned of rain, but it was sunny and nice when I left home. As I got closer to the mountain everything was fine, until I started on the ascent. Then it started to mist. And got mistier. The sky spit a little bit. Then, it was actually drizzling. Drizzle turned into a steady, soaking rain. But, I'd already gone, and my friend was up for it, so we hiked anyway. It rained practically the whole time, but it was worth it anyway. The trees are starting to become spectacular. There was one particular view with all the birch trunks stark against the rest of the canopy that was just stunning. I came home, ate soup, took a hot shower, and indulged in a nap. Since I'm working on a story with some hiking in it, I'm going to call it research, and not procrastination. :-)

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