Tuesday, June 17, 2014

7-7-7 meme

Suki Fleet tagged me for this meme, and it seemed like a fun thing. I'm no good at picking people to tag, so if you feel like joining in, please do!

The meme: Post 7 lines from a WIP, from page 7 or 77, starting on the 7th line down. (You can fudge if you have to so it makes sense.)

Excerpt from Pyresnake:

A small part of his brain whispered the suggestion that having wild creatures in the basement might be a useful bit of knowledge for the investigation. He didn't know enough about snakes to guess if they could have been a reason for the fire, but he certainly knew that rodents often chewed into wires. Where there were snakes, there might be other creepy-crawly things. Deciding that he would try smaller retreating movements, Brandon slid one foot back carefully, lightly. Then he did the same with his other foot, until he'd a better cushion of safety between himself and the snakes.

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