Sunday, June 8, 2014

weekend, why do you leave me so soon?

I had a lovely, busy weekend. I did a 5k charity run (coming in somewhere in the upper 600's, yeah, I'm not really fast), and got in some very long bike rides, and went to a chicken BBQ, and went to a concert for a family member. (I do admit to spending some time perusing the pamphlet looking at names and considering them for use in stories when some of the songs weren't quite my favorites.) In past years I've really been keen on pushing myself and training hard (for personal bests, as I said before, I'm not actually all that fast), but I think this year I may have hit the wall on that. I enjoy the ambiance on race day, but the mental fortitude needed to push myself forward to go faster has lapsed. I'm content to lope along and do well, but not brilliantly. I think I will consider this a 'win', however, as if I'm not out training all the time, I will be inside writing more.

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