Thursday, June 19, 2014

evening might be too late, and morning too early

I've been mulling over the possibility that I need to shift my writing time to pre-work. I'm usually an afternoon writer, an early evening writer. I don't do late nights very well. And honestly, I probably say afternoon/evening only because during the main portion of the day I'm at my Daily Grind. (I suspect I would probably be an 11 o'clock writer if given the choice. That's usually when my best ideas jumble along, and I have to set them aside to do other work.) But lately, I can't write in the evening. By the time I get home, take care of things, etc., I'm too sleepy and tired. I've tried to take naps, but (oh, do I love a nap) I really need to admit, they aren't naps. They are mini-night-sleeps. I already have so much packed into my mornings (often a work-out!) that I hesitate to try to put my writing there. But maybe next week I'll give it a go, and try it for 5 days and see what happens.

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