Thursday, July 31, 2014

Alligators on the way!

Torquere's free read anthology "Please Don't Feed the Alligators" is coming on August 5th! I got a sneak peek as part of the editing process, and there are some really excellent, well-crafted short stories. It is so exceptional to see how different authors took one prompt and went in such different directions. I am excited to have others read the anthology so there can be discussions about some of the amazing ideas, and really, how well-tuned the stories are given that they needed to be short. (I believe the term is 'flash-fic'.) I'm quite pleased to have a story of my own within the anthology, and I love the quirky little idea I had for my own version of what not feeding the alligators meant. Not that I want the weekend to whisk away, but when Tuesday gets here, it will be fun to have everyone finally be able to read it! As soon as I have the actual link to the anthology, I will make sure to post it.

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