Sunday, July 27, 2014

the fleeting nature of time, and how editing sucks it away

You would think that three hours was a lot of time, but not where editing is concerned! I cajoled out a wedge of writing (editing) time for today, while the rest of the family was doing other things and I didn't need to be involved. I sat down at the computer, started to edit, blinked my eyes once, and the family returned! My to do list accomplished: --edit Nuts, Bolts, and Chihuahuas for final proofing edits --edit a free 1000 word story I'm submitting for the Dreamspinner newsletter --submit the aforementioned story If the story isn't accepted, I plan to post it up around about these here parts. *g* It's a wonderful story, but it isn't exactly a *romance*, so I think I've probably got a 50/50 shot. My to do list not yet accomplished: --write up a guest post for Nuts, Bolts, and Chihuahuas --work on writing a story for a submission call, I'm about 2500 words into it --work on writing any one of the half dozen ideas I have for other stories, or edit any of the four stories I have that are novella-sized I always find the novella-sized stories a bit more intimidating. There's a lot of continuity to keep organized, so I find that if I don't have a big chunk of time (4+ hours) scheduled, then I stay away from those. Finding 4+ hour chunks is not easy!

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