Wednesday, September 17, 2014

first draft done! and the intriguing implications of a bi-literate brain

I ended up rewriting the entire last third part after much thinking and while I am satisfied, I still think it needs a hearty scrub-a-dub to get out the bossy bits. ;)

So, I've got two rough drafts to smooth out before the end of the month -- a nice weekend project, I hope. They would both benefit from sitting for a day or two. And I have a very short rough draft of an extra that I worked on last weekend as a freebie for How Sweetly the Whippoorwill Sings. (Pretty sweet, huh?)

I also had a mysterious mark on my To Do List that said "September 16th Due Date" and I can't remember why I wrote that down. Did I miss a deadline? I can't remember! I hope it was not something really, really important but I don't know. :/


In other news, I heard a most intriguing news piece on the radio today:

Apparently reading on a screen and reading on paper are *not* processed the same way within your brain. They are working on what that means for us.

What do you read on? Paper? Screen?

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