Monday, September 15, 2014

you know what's freaky? writing. writing is freaky.

I've been creepily humming along on my creepy story. Up to 3k+ on it.

I'm always amazed (and creeped out) by the ways things change as you write.

When I first started: Oh, that's an *awful* concept. i can't sleep unless I write some of it. One pov, okay, I can do this.

The next morning: two povs, seriously, and a twist, and ewwww, the concept got creepier.

Today, day three: right, so, third pov, they aren't all going to die.... Is there going to be actual romance here, or just me feeling like ants are crawling under my skin? Right then. On with the rescue!

How is it writing something can change so quickly as it goes and your brain makes all these freak connections, and the next thing you know, you have more characters, you've trimmed out a side-line bit, and your focus is suddenly on something different? (Yet still creepy. The basic concept makes it so.)

Even freakier? Three days ago, this story didn't exist.

I think a goose just walked over my grave. *shivers*

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