Saturday, September 13, 2014

oh, that was a pleasant surprise!

Still staying home today with a cold. (I was supposed to travel to see family, but I didn't want to bring them my company *and* my germs.) So, I'm now sitting on my couch with a quilt over my lap, a cup of tea at my side, and my laptop. I'm going to try and edit today. Writing might be a bit much (it really is a quiet activity that requires a lot of stamina and concentration and effort), but I think I can manage some editing.

It is a bit cool here today, so I've got my little electric heater going just to take the edge off, and I went to retrieve a hat (white, knit, with a darling pom-pom at the top) and a pair of knitted fingerless gloves. Well, I had stored them with one of those neck wraps that you can put in the microwave for soothing muscles, and mine is full of flax and lavender. And now my hat and knitted gloves also smell divinely of lavender and flax. It is *wonderful*.

Sometimes it really is the smallest of things that can make you happy.

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