Friday, May 8, 2015

Cotton Candy Deceit and amazing editors

Today is another Free Fiction Friday (find links to all the free stories by lots of authors here: ) and today I have a short ficlet up as well (link to all the free reads I've put up: ) which brings me (finally!) to my point for this post.

If you like the writing styles of the authors, definitely take a look at their published stories, novellas, novels, and more. Having gone through the editing process with my newest upcoming release, I have to say, the story the reader gets after that process is going to be so much more fantastic. The sticky bits gets unstickified, backstories get filled out, weak paragraphs are reworked.

The version of Cotton Candy Deceit available through Rooster & Pig is a thousand times stronger for having been through the editing process (with a truly whipsmart editor). Free stories give you a great flavor for a writer's style, but then definitely give a try to a well-smoothed and edited product, because the effort gone into those stories truly make them worth it.

And now a link to the pre-order page for my story Cotton Candy Deceit!

And the gorgeous cover!

Jack Abbott has forbidden his son, Zeke, to attend the local circus. When Zeke goes against his wishes, Jack must rescue him from the clutches of a world he once escaped, but only at the cost of his lover, Jonas. Returning to the circus brings back nightmares, but Jack learns that Jonas is still alive. Now an opportunity arises for Jack to rescue Jonas as well as Zeke, and to stop the dark dealer at the circus… forever.

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