Friday, May 29, 2015

Free Fiction: Decisions, Decisions

On Wednesday, Phillip asked, "What should we do this weekend? My hike with my naturalist group got canceled and the Sunday flag football practice is postponed until Monday night since they needed the field for an all day ultimate tournament."

"Hmm?" Oscar tore his attention away from the news article he'd been reading. "Oh, anything. We always talked about going on a trip. Go to the beach, or stay over night in the city. We could catch a show and visit some museums. Check out if they have any festivals planned."

"I suppose," Phillip said.

"Or we could pick a project and get it done. You wanted to mend the broken tile in the breezeway. Fix the drainage in that low spot in the yard. Stain the deck?" Oscar tried to remember the other projects. There were at least a dozen. He had them jotted down somewhere, but the piece of notepaper was not close at hand.

"We could do that," Phillip said.

"You think about it and let me know."

On Thursday, Phillip asked, "I've been thinking about the weekend."

"Did you decide which project to tackle?" Oscar asked. He really hoped it wasn't the drainage one. He'd checked the weather and it was supposed to be hot and humid. The thought of digging up the yard didn't appeal.

"No projects," Phillip said. "I was thinking we should do something fun."

"We could always invite the neighbors over for a barbeque. And we could take a trip into town and look at those carpets you were interested in. Maybe catch lunch at a little bistro."

"Those are possibilities."

"Let me know. I can pick up steak and chicken for the grill on my way home from work tomorrow."

"Hmm," said Phillip.

Oscar went back to slogging through his far-too-full e-mail box.

On Friday, Phillip said, "About the weekend—"

"Oh!" Oscar interrupted him, suddenly remembering that he'd forgotten an important voice mail message. "Lola called. There's some sort of charity event all day Saturday that she wanted us to volunteer for."

"She called me too. I donated money and got us excused from the volunteering."

"Oh, good." Oscar turned to look Phillip over. "Does that mean you've decided about our weekend plans?"

"Almost. I'll let you know."

On Saturday, Phillip whispered into Oscar's ear, "Wake up, dearest."

Oscar creaked both eyes open and stretched a little. The weekend had finally arrived. "So, what are we going to do today?"

Phillip feathered a touch down Oscar's side. "Stay in bed all day. I haven't had you all to myself for far too long, and everything else can wait until next weekend."

Oscar shifted his weight around so he could look at Phillip. His lover had a very self-satisfied, smug air about him. He also looked positively delectable. "That sounds perfect."

"I thought so too."

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