Sunday, May 31, 2015

week in round up

It has been a busy week. In no particular order:

-- I bought some white globe radishes at a farmers market and now I'm in love with trying different radishes. The white globe radishes were mild, firm, and succulent. I bought some seeds at the store (5 different kinds!) and dug up a bit more of the yard, and have put three kinds in. They only take about 25-30 days (except one kind that takes 55 days, but I haven't planted that sort yet) and I am hoping I will have amazing radishes in less than a month. The last time I tried to grow radishes, it was a disaster. I let them go too long and ended up with inedible woody roots. I've got the end date on the calendar this time, though. I'll pull the radishes and hopefully there will be a feast!

-- I don't actually consider myself much of a gardener. I like to do a small plot and a few things, particularly tomatoes, because they taste magnificent out of a home garden and are completely unlike the tasteless things at the supermarket (note to self: go get a copy of The Dorito Effect, since I heard a fascinating interview with the author, it takes on this topic), but I have found myself talking gardening quite a lot lately. Everyone around me is engaged in worrying about wilt, fungus, blight, and beetles. I'm starting to think we're lucky to be able to grow anything at all!

-- Went dancing last night and had a lovely time. It was quite like being back in high school and going to the prom! There were way better snacks at this one, though, including ice cream. My dress was yellow and long. I felt pretty, oh so pretty. ;) I haven't any idea what to do for a story about dancing, but surely something will occur to me.

-- I worked very hard on finishing up the 300 word challenge and got it submitted. I'm super impressed with this little ficlet. It was in a genre (sci-fi) that I almost never write in, and the challenge of thinking about the future was...challenging. Generally not my strength, but it was good to flex those muscles! One of the hardest parts was thinking about the names -- surely future generations will have entirely different kinds of names than we have now, but how to guess? check out this super interesting name bubbles visual graphic over time. I keep watching it over and over again, because you can't catch it all on one viewing, and have taken to pausing it to study the graphic. This thing is mesmerizing!!

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