Monday, September 5, 2016

Holiday Weekend Update

Ah, the third and last day of the holiday weekend. How did it go by so fast?

I am pleased to announce that the giant heaping mounds of laundry have been tackled. A small pile is left to fold and put away, but otherwise, everything is clean and luxurious once again!

Also organized was the monstrosity that masqueraded as my closest. It was getting very close to that cartoon joke where the person opens the door and everything dumps out on their head, covering them in a pile of stuff. My closet is now organized and safe from that dangerous mishap. It is still full of too many things, but everything is properly perched on a shelf, instead of teetering indelicately over an edge.

Still to work on this weekend, though, is the clutter. Our lives seems to be filled with bits of paper. Even with the internet and everyone trying to go paperless, there still seems to be a lot of the stuff. Granted, I have not chosen paperless versions of everything--I manage much better when I have a piece of paper to cart around to remind me of things, or to read from--but I am somewhere in the 50/50 range of that. An awful lot of what comes at me is electronic.

I have a few special projects for today: some sewing time (the seams on things come loose, and I don't need to replace a blanket when I can fix the hem on it), some cooking time (an amazing chickpea curry recipe that I want to try out for the first time), and some writing time. I have an honest-to-goodness long story that is becoming something amazing, and it needs tender loving attention.

Have a fantastic day!

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