Wednesday, September 28, 2016

yard sale

I was thinking about the term "yard sale", with respect to my story Taking the Fall Line. I so wanted to use it, but it didn't find a place to get used within the story. It's quite the vibrant term.

When a skier or a rider takes a particularly energetic tumble all their gear is stripped off them as they roll down the slope. Hats, gloves, goggles, poles, skis, etc. are left behind the person -- laid out very much like they would offer the items up for viewing at a yard sale (garage sale, tag sale, whatever term you like). It's a humorous term -- as long as the person isn't hurt during the tumble, of course -- and it made me laugh the moment I learned it.

Not that I've ever had a yard sale.

Much. ;)

Okay, okay...maybe all the time.

Ski boots are notoriously difficult to walk up hill in. When you go to collect all your things.

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