Thursday, October 3, 2013


I finally got an antenna for my tv, so after a year of going without, I have some stations again. I had a few shows on tonight while I did some tasks around my home (will the *chaos* of my house ever be tamed? probably not....) and a few of them were sit-coms. They were funny, and had interesting characters. But I noticed a disturbing tendency. Why is there so much shouting? I know they aren't actually *shouting*, but so many of the character interactions are done at a projected voice-level and a projected emotion level. I watched MASH the other night, and a bit of The Mary Tyler Moore Show, and they seemed a bit less with the projection. (Oh my, have I reached the grumpy stage of my life? So soon? How wonderful! I've been waiting for the opportunity to grumble and be grumpy!) Is there some difference because some shows are on stages, and others are filmed live?

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