Monday, November 10, 2014

the very last of the garden

I'm on bouncing wi-fi access while off visiting family, so I haven't been able to really do much on the internet for a few days.  It is a bit frustrating but also kind of nice in a way -- my time is spent visiting, not checking e-mails. (Even though I still keep checking to see if there is any news about that submitted story I'm waiting to hear about.  So far, no news.)

In other news, even though there hasn't been a hard frost yet, there are still small pleasures left in the garden.  Yesterday I plucked a handful of leftover ripe raspberries and harvested the tomatillos (long growing season, they're always ready right at the very, very end), and the swiss chard is still doing well in the chilled ground and air.  Once a real frost hits, it'll kill everything for sure, but it is wonderful to have a few hardy things still living out there.

I even have a vase with three roses in it.  Without the frost, the roses are still trying.  They'll get mulched soon enough.

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