Sunday, November 30, 2014

no earthly way of knowing...

Upon my return from the great salted roads of Thanksgiving travel, and given the above freezing temperatures, I took myself to a car wash. (Preventative washing perhaps will keep this car from rusting out like my previous one. *fingers crossed*)

It was a new one I hadn't ever been to before.  It was strange.  It was incredible!  It was just like getting on the boat in Willie Wonka and going down the tunnel into the factory.  Things whirred and whizzed past me, there were vibrant pastel colors sprayed on the windows, the scent of something sweet permeated the air.  It was quite the experience!

It was slightly pricier than another one I favor, but the adventure was well worth it.  I started thinking of who else I could bring with me to see all the whizz-bang-woosh stuff!

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