Friday, December 5, 2014

Free Read: Daydream

Title: Daydream
Length: ~690 words
Genre: m/m romance
Summary: Raul daydreams about a desired lover.

Notes: Oh, this was just for fun.  I took 20 minutes to sit down and write it as a timed exercise and then gave it a quick polish before posting.  I got to play around with internal musings, which was good, as sometimes I gloss over some of that to concentrate on dialogue. 


Raul stared up at the sky.  He was between classes and while he should have been studying, such a lassitude had overtaken him that his books remained unopened and unread as he sprawled in the grass.  He wished for a blanket as the grass scratched his forearms and the naked skin between his waistband and untucked shirt.  Retrieving one meant getting up and he had no energy for it, so he lounged on the lawn. 

He plucked at the grass and held a piece tight between his two thumbs.  He blew against the edge of the blade and a shrill whistle emanated.

Two nearby girls giggled, books balanced on their knees as they sat cross-legged, and gave him flirty winks.  They waved with just the tips of their fingers and pushed their hair behind their ears in the most winsome of manners.  He smiled at them and then stretched back on the ground.  He wasn’t interested in co-eds.

Who was he interested in?  Frederick from Chemistry lab? Dante in Statistics? Aaron, who sat just in front of him during Ethics lecture? Each held their own allure.  Frederick was muscled, chiseled nearly perfect, and on the rugby team.  Dante's dark eyes seemed to pierce the soul and he could run numbers in his head faster than Raul could punch them into a calculator. Aaron was light-haired and freckled, and so friendly that he seemed like sunshine itself.

Yet, Raul wasn’t drawn to any of them.  He wanted something more.  He wanted mystery and romance, perhaps a dash of brawn balanced with quick wit, but overall he wanted to do something adventurous.  He wanted someone who rode a motorcycle, dressed out in the blackest of leather.  His helmet would have a shaded visor and only Raul would be allowed to see his hungry eyes.  They could ride together, tour the countryside, visit landmarks and waterfalls.  They could camp overnight on the road and hike mountain trails together.  Each night his lover would rub calloused hands all over Raul and they would fall apart with ecstasy.  Then, in the morning, they would ride together again, finding bistros with bitter coffee and homemade cinnamon rolls.

But how could he meet such a man?  Raul pillowed his head with his clasped hands and continued to contemplate the sky.  It was robin egg blue today with only the barest wisp of some clouds down near the horizon.  He felt like he could see for a thousand miles into its immensity.  The sun was warm on his skin and the grass smelled fresh.  He felt like he could imagine anything, but in that moment, his creativity left him.

Raul went to class and then to his dormitory.  He studied in the library and he ate in the dining hall.  All his movements were on campus.  It was hardly a schedule that allowed for falling shamelessly into a tryst with anyone.  Still, his mystery lover would have to be found here.  Maybe he could be a rogue librarian. No, better yet, an assistant visiting professor.  He would teach languages.  Raul would sign up for a language class on a whim.  Latin, or ancient Greek.  This professor would be deeply invested in an artifact held only by the university.  He would be intent on cracking its secrets and Raul would be the only one able to distract him.  There would be such interesting ways that Raul could devise to call his lover’s attention back to the world of the living, away from the dusty past….

The girls giggled again and Raul emerged from his daydream.  It dissipated like quicksilver, feathering away like the wispy cloud in the distance. He glanced at his phone for the time and saw he would be late to class if he didn’t hurry.  It was Ethics, and he supposed that baring the appearance of a handsome visiting language professor, that perhaps focusing closer to home would be a better choice. Some time spent in Aaron’s sunny company would not go amiss.  Perhaps he could invite Aaron to his room for a study session and, if he were very lucky, there might be more than just flirting to enjoy.

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