Friday, December 26, 2014

Free Read: Misunderstood Hotness, Part 1

Title: Misunderstood Hotness
Genre: male/male romance
Summary: Mason Deguerra was hot. Smokin' hot. That actually made it very difficult for him to find a long term love who didn't just want to use him.


Mason DeGuerra was hot.

He was hot in the way that caused traffic to slow down and come to a stand still. His cheek bones were sharp enough to cut glass, his chin jutted strongly with only a hint of a cleft, and his eyes were smoky and mysterious. When he smiled, spectators longed for sunglasses. Mason's skin was an effortless bronze and his ash-brown hair tumbled over his forehead and into his glamorous eyes. Hours spent playing sports ensured toned muscles and perfect abs. Genetics graced him with near perfect proportions. He was tall but not looming, lithe but not reedy, and compact but not bulldoggish.

All put together, he was a damn near perfect package. Each facet melded together to bestow strength, speed, and agility. He excelled at any sport he tried and the sweet smell of success drew admirers just as readily as his looks. Sports stardom beckoned and he was on the path to heeding its siren call. Mason currently excelled as a shortstop on a baseball franchise farm team and only awaited the ripening moment when he would be called up.

Since he'd sprouted from adorable child into gangly teenager that had quickly filled out his frame with muscle, Mason was well aware of his effect on others. Charming people with his good looks took no effort. In fact, he often didn't have to do anything at all. They swooned on the way over to meet him. Getting people to look past his exterior to who he was underneath, now that was a lot more difficult.

"So, we could get out of here. If you wanted, that is." The girl who'd been chatting him up at the birthday party batted her eyes. She'd been talking at him for less than ten minutes. Pretty and young, with in-style clothes and a trendy haircut, the girl had latched onto him with the same dopey expression he usually saw plastered on the faces of people who craved his attention.

"Sorry." He smiled at her to soften the rejection and she scrunched into her shoulders, a sure sign that she wouldn't believe he'd say no, even as he said it. "I have to stay until the end. I promised Dylan I'd help clean up."

"Oh, that's so nice of you." She pursed her mouth. "I guess I'll see you at the end. I can stay and help clean up too. Then maybe we can go somewhere."

"Sure, maybe." Mason waved at a bunch of people across the room, pretending that he'd seen a friend. "I just saw someone I have to talk to. Catch you later."

"Tina," she called after him. "I'm Tina. See you later!"

Mason didn't reply. He strode across the room, intent on hiding out in the kitchen. Appreciative glances followed him. Some days he was flattered. Actually, most days he liked it. Being the center of attention and getting things easily was really nice.

Lately, though, he was fed up. He'd just broken up with the latest in a long line of boyfriends who had only wanted the esteem of dating eye-candy. It had been yet another heartbreak in a succession of heartbreaks and Mason was tired of it all.

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