Friday, December 5, 2014

burning the midnight oil

I didn't mean to stay up so late, but I have.

I had a busy day!  First I got edits done and turned in on Never Waste a Good Left Turn (coming in February I believe, from Dreamspinner) and now I need to think hard about the blurb for it.

And I spent an entire evening hoping around the internet reading all sorts of interesting tidbits here and there.  I've tucked them away into my brain to pour forth into the appropriate story.

I don't have a plot or characters or anything, but I fell in love with the possible title of "The Donkey's Lullaby".  I haven't a clue what the story would be about, but isn't it an intriguing title?  (It may be a song title, searching for it sort of turned up something, but I wasn't sure it was a real site and not a spammer's paradise.  But still, I like it.)

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