Friday, November 7, 2014

waiting all week for Friday and how did Friday sneak up on me??

Many, many apologies for not having a free read for this Friday.  I won't always be able to, though I do have something just about ready to go...oh, no, the issue was that even though I spent all week waiting and waiting and waiting for Friday to show it's head, when it finally did creep in, I was rushing about getting other things done!

I suppose I could do a Friday Round-up, wherein I state the status of writing.

--I flirted with the idea of NaNo, and thought I might try for something in the 30k range, and then I was three days into November, and had been out of the house taking care of other issues and didn't even have my computer with me.  NaNo Dreams died a quick death.

--I started the editing process for my story Never Waste a Good Left Turn, which will be in the Random Acts of Kindness Anthology (coming out middle-ish of February!), which involved creating blurbs, breaking down character summaries, figuring out what existential crises my story deals with, and all other deep-thinky sorts of stuff.

--I am waiting with some anxiety about another story I submitted a month ago.  This Limbo of waiting is tough on the constitution.  And I start to wonder what I will do with a 5k story that is pretty much all polished and shiny if the publisher doesn't want it. Even if there is rejection, there are always possibilities.

--I am searching my calendar for time where I'll have the energy to write.  I know a lot of people say 'make time', don't just write when there's extra, or you'll never write.  But, there are a lot of obligations in my life just at the moment.  Things I've put off as long as I could, and things that need to get done.  Once I'm over this particular cluster of activity, I really do intend to start making more time for myself.

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