Tuesday, August 6, 2013

bright eyes

I had an eye doctor appointment today, to help keep my eyes in good shape.  Looking at computer screens for most of the day is not a great thing to do--you end up with very dry eyes.  Something about the concentration needed to do the work on the screen means that you actually blink *less* than when you're just doing other normal activities.

I did get my eyes dilated since I hadn't had that done in quite a while, and all is good, but my goodness, it take a long time to get the eye muscles back working again.  I had on sunglasses to drive home and was miserable from the brightness, so I hid in my house, shades drawn tight, and watched tv, with my sunglasses on!  I got a bit tired and went down for a nap, and now my schedule is all flummoxed.  No writing tonight!  I will refocus for tomorrow. (Ha, ha! Refocus...get it? Okay, I'm not as clever as I wish I was. *cheeky grin*)

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