Wednesday, August 7, 2013

lure or Super!lure?

I ordered a fishing lure the other day through the mail, but I ordered the wrong thing.

The lure I wanted should have been about 5 cm long (about as big as my thumb).

(For anyone curious -- it was the Rapala Shad Rap Shallow Diver, Blue Gill color.  This is a fantastic lure. It. Catches.  Fish.)

But I wasn't paying close enough attention, and I ordered the Rapala Super Shad Rap Shallow Diver, Blue Gill Color.  At 5 1/2 inches long.  It is HUGE.

This lure is the size of some of the fish I catch with the smaller version of the lure. I'm not even sure I have test (line) that I want to put this lure on, the fish I'd be sure to entice would be *enormous*.

I could write the sequel to Moby Dick.  ;)

**I do indeed fish!  It was serendipity that I had a story idea for The Way to a Fisherman's Heart...which I enjoyed writing because I got to spend so much time thinking about fishing.  I had to remind myself...romance, write some romance.  Not just what lure to use! 

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