Friday, August 9, 2013

crockpot disaster

I have a nearly infallible cookbook for the slow cooker. I say nearly because up until this morning, I had yet to make something in it that I did not at least like, even if I didn't adore it.  That all changed today.

I made a lamb dish with a peanut sauce.

Granted, I had to make some very small substitutions.  I didn't have molasses, so I used honey and I made jasmine rice instead of brown rice. Not big changes.

I cooked and prepped all the ingredients in the evening, and set the slow cooker to cook all night, so that when I awoke, voila! there would be delicious food to take to work.  I was running low on time, so I didn't get to taste it, but I packaged it all up, and took it along.

Lunch time...and I have to say that the two flavors don't really go together.  At least for me.  Someone else may adore this recipe.  But, not me.  I actually had to throw it out, because I couldn't finish it, which I hate to do.  Wasting food is just terrible.  I try to avoid it as much as I can.  So many people do without, that I am thankful that I don't have to.  But, this recipe just didn't turn out well. 

Luckily a girl had brought in cookies for the day, so I had an extra banana and 2 cookies for lunch.  Mmmm. Yummy, even if not the healthiest of lunches.

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