Wednesday, August 21, 2013

upcoming posts about my charity story!

I know I'm going to have some internet connectivity issues this coming weekend (a nice way to say, my internet access will be down!), and I'm scheduled for some posting on the torquere_social livejournal, so I set up my posts ahead of time.  (Nice feature, that, to be able to journal ahead of time and then have the posts show up when they should.)  So, I won't be replying to comments on that day, but will get to them later.

But, I posted quite a bit about the bits and pieces that went into my short story "Gray and Burnished Granite Seas", which is a short story for the Charity Sips that Torquere Press is putting out in September.  It's a lovely, sad, sweet, happy m/m romance set in present day but about WWII, with just a touch of the paranormal.  I really think that this is the one to read, if you've never read my stuff.  (If you have read my stuff, then this is exactly like the sort of stuff I write!) On my part, the story and all the work that went with it were donations to the charity, OutServe.

So, come by on August 24th, Saturday, to see my posts:

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