Saturday, August 23, 2014

a certain level of clean

I got a fantastic night's sleep last night -- early to bed and not so early to rise, and I feel better than I have all week. I then thoroughly scoured and cleaned my kitchen sink and the dishes therein. I know that probably doesn't sound like a great way to spend time, but when i stand back and look at how neat and clean it is, I feel so much more settled and ready to sit down and work on projects. We each of us have a certain level of 'acceptable' for our surroundings, and when I don't meet mine, it is hard to focus completely on writing or blogging, or anything else. It is always nagging at me that I have a big mess. I certainly don't live in a pristine home (far, far, far, FAR from it) but I do like to have at least a particular level of neat that I can co-exist with.

So, now that I have that major cleaning 'plot point' done, I can be off to have fun for the day! I'm meeting a girl friend in a little bit for some shopping time and lunch, and I'm looking forward to it. She's got a new baby and needs stuff, and I have a few friends who also have babies either on the way or new, and I have gifts to search for.

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