Saturday, August 9, 2014

the agenda, it is changing

Puppy and I had a fine time at the pet store. I updated her chew toys, bones, and fitted her out in a new harness. (It's a gift. She needed it. And she's practically 'family'.) She looks rather fetching! Then we went to the dog park and she ran about until she was hot and tired and I took her home. I've given her new chew bones and she's spent time 'burying' them in my hamper and hiding them behind the bed. And one was left out and camouflaged by the rug, so I've now stubbed my big toe. I had plans to spend the day a certain way, but I'm re-organizing now. All stuff I had wanted to do and get done, but some things will now get done this weekend, and other things will be left undone. Pups do like to make you change your plans!

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