Sunday, August 3, 2014

thunderstorms and mysteries

It has been a very warm, humid day, full of impeding storms. All weekend, the thunder has rumbled ominously in the distance. Normally, I would say a perfect day for writing! But I had a commitment this morning that kept me quite busy and I was tired out when I got home, so I went down for a nap. (Ah, the joys of a weekend day!) I just haven't recovered my equanimity yet, at least in terms of being creative. I really need to find some time to rest and rejuvenate so I can hit the keyboard hard. (Well, so to speak, anyway!) So, I guess I will indulge this evening in a murder mystery, I believe Hercule Poirot will be solving an unsolvable homicide tonight, and I think I will tag along to see how he fares.

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