Wednesday, August 13, 2014

when the extras practically write themselves

I've been busy today with some actual writing! I got the final proofing for the upcoming Dawg Days Anthology. (I'm starting to feel ridiculously lucky to be in on anthologies. I get to read all the other stories and omg, some of them are seriously captivating.) Diligently did I search for typos, although I'm starting to get that "blind eye" from looking something over too many times, too soon together. I have already written a meaty little extra for when the anthology is released. And then I had another idea, so I've been scribbling that down this week. I just finished the rough draft today and I'm going to let it sit. It took a turn right at the end and is a little bit more provocative that I had thought it would be. At the moment it is (pre-editing) at 1400 words. It is so interesting when the mythos building done in a story ends up keeping its claws in you and even though the story is done, there are tendrils of story still left to tell. I feel that way about this one. I could just keep writing snippets and snippets of these two characters together. My plan is to post that extra a couple days or so after the release. It really will make far more sense to read it after the main story, although knowing the gist of the whole thing, it is easy enough to decipher. I wish I could do this with all my stories!

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